Tombstone, AZ "The town too tough to die!

Here is a brief history of the town of Tombstone

a mine

I will not be giving the history of the OK Corral here, just a brief mention at the end. There has been a lot of history given about the famous gunfight including a block buster movie. The move was very inaccurate and the overall history of the fight is still mired in controversy as to who the good guys and bad guys were. So here is the brief history of the town itself...
Back in 1877 there was a part time prospector names Ed Schieffelin who looked in the southern Arizona desert for gold and silver. He was a part time scout for the army as well. The soldiers would scoff at him and told him the only thing he was going to find out in that desert was his tombstone. He instead found a rich silver strike and named his mine "Tombstone" as a nod to what the soldiers had told him. Word got out about the silver and soon a small rush came to the area with fortune seekers hoping to strike it rich. Soon after the town sprang up and took the name of the mine. The rest is history. At least until the famous fight at the OK Corral.

For more information, there are some great sites out there. I like this site a lot:

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