Tombstone, AZ "The town too tough to die!


Bird's eye view of the whole town

This is a partial list. There are a ton of hotels in and around Tombstone. It is way too many to list. I don't personally recommend any in particular. If you try to search for historic hotels or inns, you mostly get websites like or travelocity, etc.

If you have any hotel suggestions, or even better, suggest them with an actually link, click on the Contact Us page in the menu

It is very hard to find any links to the actual hotels. Most links to the hotels listed and a lot that I didn't list are to commercial booking sites and not about the hotels themselves. As I mentioned above, use your favorite booking site to get more information and reviews on the many hotels in the area.

Tombstone, AZ Chamber of Commerce number (not affiliated with this site). 520-457-9317 520-457-9317